Chapel House

The Chapel House Community is an adventure in Christian discipleship and community living based upon a way of life.

The community is made up of 2 parts:  a student residential community in Chapel House, and a non-residential community made up of others who have committed to follow the same way of life and to pray for those who live in the house.  

Chapel House is located next to the church. It was converted into student accommodation in the 1970s, primarily for members of Bath MethSoc. From 2000, it was commercially let to students but with little connection to the church. 

Our way of life: 

In our way of life, we aim, by the help of the Holy Spirit, to live as much as we can like the first Christians did, described in Acts Chapter 2, but in our local context in the 21st century in Bath.

We commit to being:       

  1. Open to God

  2. Open to each other

  3. Open to the world

In our openness to God we seek as disciples to “learn as we follow”, through praying and studying the Bible, connecting regularly with a local church and through intentional relationships and conversation. 

(Like the first Christians in Acts 2, this includes learning from the Bible, prayer and worship.)

In our openness to each other, we seek “to build each other up in love”, offering support and kindness when listening to each other in hard times and sharing the joys and blessings of our journey of faith. One practical expression of this is the weekly meal and meeting of the student community and the monthly meal and meeting of the residential and extended community.  Good communities take work:  the investment of time spent together, and the commitment to talk through issues together and the determination to build one another up- even when we disagree. 

(Like the first Christians in Acts 2, this includes sharing fellowship, eating and celebrating together.)

In our openness to the world, members of the residential and extended community commit to offer to serve the wider community by getting involved in a variety of opportunities like outreach youth work, serving the homeless, work with the elderly, campaigning for social justice or caring for creation as part of our calling as disciples. 

(Like the first Christians in Acts 2, this includes giving, service and making more disciples.)

In everything we do, we want the light of Jesus to shine in us as individuals and as a community and to be able “to offer a reason for the hope that lies within us”.