EcoChurch encourages us to care for God’s creation by looking at all aspects of church life as well as our individual lifestyles. We were awarded the Bronze EcoChurch Award in 2020 and we are working towards the Silver Award.

Worship & Teaching

As Christians, we believe in a Creator God who made everything that exists and loves and cares for all of it.  We are all a part of that Creation and are jointly responsible for the well-being of every other part.  Our response to our loving Creator includes worship & gratitude, and a determination to do what we can to protect and nurture his Creation. Our worship services regularly include hymns and prayers that remind us about our responsibility.


This element concerns the reduction of energy usage in our church building and Chapel House –the carbon footprint.  It encourages the use of green energy and that usage is efficient and the buildings are insulated as far as possible.  Many of these issues are difficult with a 200-year-old listed building, but we are looking at what we can do.


We have proposed a plan for the Walcot front garden including a thick hedge of native shrubs and small trees to provide food and cover for wildlife, a small pond, a wildflower meadow and "nectar banks" either side of the front path to attract pollinating insects.

Community & Global

This includes working with local community groups as well as sharing information about climate change and current campaigns:

ACCTS – the Agreement on Climate Change, Trade and Sustainability

Christian Aid 2021 Climate Justice Campaign


We inform and encourage our church  members to consider how to make their own lifestyles more environmentally friendly. The energy we buy, the food we consume and its packaging, the ethical choices we make whenever we make a purchase, shapes the world we live in, every individual can make a difference.