Science & Faith

Talks and discussion reconciling science with faith where others may see conflict or contradiction.

The Nexus Science and Faith Discussion Group was launched in Spring 2012 to bring together those of us in our congregation who had become concerned with the increasingly militant views of the so-called new atheists, and the fact that they seemed to be going unchallenged in many quarters.

We meet to hear talks and exchange views on a broad range of challenging topics in science in order to reconcile science with faith where others only tend to see conflict or contradiction.

Areas that we have already tackled, or plan to tackle in the future, include: creation/evolution, cosmology, ethics (abortion, embryonic stem cell research), atheism, suffering, morality, free will, consciousness, miracles, resurrection and death/afterlife.

Meetings take place on weekday evenings for around two hours and are usually free. Visitors are welcome.

Previous meetings:

23 November 2016
'Can a scientist believe in miracles?'
Professor Sir Colin Humphries
CBE, FReng
University of Cambridge

10 April 2014
'Spirituality and the Brain: Why we are not just a bag of neurons.
Professor Stewart Judge, University of Oxford.

12 June 2013
'From Gamete to Grave: Bioethics at the Interface Between Science and Faith.'
Guest Speaker: Professor John Bryant, University of Exeter.

13 December 2012
'Wonders of the Universe: An Astrophysicist's Perspective on Science & Faith'
Rev Dr Rodney Holder, Faraday Institute for Science & Religion

5 September 2012
'Science and Christianity:
A Biochemist's Perspective'.
Prof Mike Danson, University of Bath

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