Each year at Nexus we choose a cause to support which we refer to as the ‘Second Mile Project’. Sometimes it is local, sometimes overseas. The aim is both to raise money and to learn about the cause we are supporting.

 2017/2018 Project

The Bath & NE Somerest Carers’ Centre is a local charity supporting people who care for family and friends who need extra support day-to-day.

This might be because they are elderly, have a physical disability or illness, a mental health problem or struggles with substance misuse. Caring for someone can feel very isolating, tiring and have a significant impact on health and wellbeing.

The Carers' Centre offers information and advice, breaks from caring, emotional & practical support and puts carers in touch with other people who understand what they are going through.

See www.banescarerscentre.org.uk for more information.

2015/2017 Project

All We Can logoAs part of the Bicentenary celebrations, we chose to support a project over two years. 

‘All We Can’ (formerly The Methodist Relief and Development Fund) works with a partner organisation in Uganda, Voluntary Action for Development (VAD).

VAD works to improve water, health and hygiene in the Wakiso district in Uganda.

All We Can imageThey do this in four ways:

  • Providing improved water and sanitation facilities
  • Promoting good hygiene practice
  • Lobbying for better services from the government
  • Setting up community based Water User Committee Groups (WUCs), Community Health Monitoring Teams (CMTs) and School Health Clubs (SCHs) who monitor and promote their work

See www.allwecan.org.uk/africa/uganda-vad for more information 

2014/2015 Project

Bibles for Children was founded in July 1997 to advance the understanding of the Christian Faith through the provision of Children’s Bibles and Bible related materials to children in Primary Schools.

See www.biblesforchildren.org.uk for more information.

2013/2014 Project

ReBuild logo

Rebuild is a mission trip for young people that will completely change someone else's life? What's more, it will change their own life too & the life of their group members!! ReBuild is an eleven-day experience where young people build a new home for a poor family in Mexico, right from the foundations upwards, in a few short days using just hand tools! Then they can hand over the keys and see the reaction as they literally change one family's lives forever! 

See www.urbansaints.org for more information 

2012/2013 Project

In 2012/13 we supported Unchosen, a charity which raises awareness of modern day slavery, through the use of film. www.unchosen.org.uk


2011/2012 Project

ChristianAidIn 2011/12 we participated in a Christian Aid Partnership Scheme, along with 15 other churches in Bath. The aim of the scheme was to bring food security to 1,500 households in Matabeleland in southern Zimbabwe and is implemented by Christian Aid partners ZIMPRO and Lutheran Development Services (LDS). 

2010/2011 Project - Children's Homes in Zimbabwe

In 2010/2011 we supported the charity ‘Children’s Homes in Zimbabwe’, which in turn supports other projects in Zimbabwe. The focus of our Second Mile Project was to raise money towards the building of the Logos High School For Girls in Gokwe.